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Roter Sand


Ash Loon, Dalgin Gelecek, Remy, Skevy Nell, Zod
Galaxy Express (laufender Leasingvertrag mit Hanseat Werften)
Merfen Orange
Free Merchant


  • Multifocal Laser: Twinned assay and penetration lasers modulate the frequency of this beam for remarkable armor penetration. These weapons are popular choices for fighters intended for frigate or cruiser engagement.
  • Sandthrower: Projecting a spray of tiny, dense particulate matter, sandthrowers are highly effective against lightly-armored fighters.
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  • Athmospheric Configuration: This fitting must be put in place when the ship is built, and cannot be installed on cruiser-class or larger ships. A ship designed for atmospheric flight can land on most solid or aqueous surfaces, provided the material is capable of bearing its weight.
  • Fuel Bunkers: Most ships require refueling after each drill jump, no matter the distance. Installing fuel bunkers allows the ship to carry one additional load of fuel.
  • Spike Drive 1: The spike drive uses an integrated fusion power plant to bubble a ship upward through ever-increasing dimensional frequencies. By riding the energy created by the shear of dimensional interfaces, the ship can be propelled at faster-than-light velocities through universes that fail to respect the ordinary laws of physics.
  • Cargo Space: Free mass can be traded for pressurized cargo space. One point of free mass grants 2 tons of cargo space in a fighter, 20 tons in a frigate, 200 tons in a cruiser, and 2000 tons in a capital-class ship.

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